You don't want to be uncomfortable when you travel, and neither does your pet.  At Pet 1st Transport we understand your pets don’t have the luxury to wander while being transported,  so it’s important that their crate is designed with their comfort in mind.

Pet 1st Transport offers custom designed crates for pet transportation, ensuring comfort and safety, no matter where you need your pet to go.


Crates are built to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines. Whether you need a large crate, a small crate, or something small and detailed, our goal is to create exactly what your pet needs for pet travel.


Our crates are available in a variety of sizes and styles, you can find the right crate for your traveling needs.


  • Small #100 – 21x16x15

  • Med #200 – 27x20x19

  • Intermediate #300 – 32x22x23

  • Large #400 – 36x24x26

  • X-large #500 – 40x27x30

  • Giant #700 – 48x32x35​

USDA License # 72-T-0014

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