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Care & Feeding

Pets 1st Transport recognizes the need to make certain your pet is as comfortable as possible.  To this end, we keep housekeeping as a priority in our care and feeding of your pet.  This helps ensure that your pet is not subjected to travel in a situation of unforeseen accidents.

Travel, especially long-distance travel, can be hard on pets.  For this reason, it is important that your pet’s diet is unchanged. Pets 1st also makes certain that your pet has the proper supply and type of food that it is used to.


  • Small #100 – 21x16x15

  • Med #200 – 27x20x19

  • Intermediate #300 – 32x22x23

  • Large #400 – 36x24x26

  • X-large #500 – 40x27x30

  • Giant #700 – 48x32x35​

pets 1st transport care and feeding
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